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Skylight offers a modern leasing platform that makes it simple for real estate agents to work with top property management companies.


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of the transaction amount.
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*Please note that for agents who are participating in Skylight Showings, the Transaction Fee is equal to the lesser of $150 or 10% of the transaction amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sign up?

Good news! Agents can join Skylight for free. Skylight takes a transaction fee on each payment that it sends to your brokerage.

Am I able to join Skylight without a real estate license?

Unfortunately, Skylight is only for licensed real estate agents.

How do I get paid?

Skylight sends commissions directly to your real estate brokerage.

Do I receive leads from Skylight?

Agents on the Skylight Platform may be recommended to do showings for certain property management companies through our Skylight Showings program. These leads come from the advertising and marketing efforts of those property managers.

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