Talent Retention
April 13, 2023

Hiring is Taking Too Much of Your Time

Max Griffin
Director of Sales

You will repeat the same mistake by hiring more leasing talent or floating agents internally.

Here’s why.

Hiring is taking too much of your time.

Hiring someone takes too much of your precious time.

Post the ad to multiple sites. Monitor the ads. Then start scheduling interviews. Bring them in for an interview. Then when you find the right one, you need to train them. That’s a couple of month ramp up, even if the hire is experienced.

It’s simply not scalable to do this repeatedly and it's a waste of resources.

LA is competitive and that competition is coming for your leasing talent.

Everyone wants the same person.

There are always more prestigious management groups hunting. Or more relaxed, smaller management companies or brokerage firms. Everyone is recruiting, and they’re all shooting at the same target.

Do you really want to face off in a match just to get an $18-$25 hire?

Your new hires will leave you… soon.

The churn with leasing talent is incredibly high.

I’m not going to dive into specifics. I’m sure you’ve already felt this pain a few times already. But the story is, your new hire you took so much time to hire will leave you. For bigger companies, smaller companies, better pay, closer to where they live.

Does it make sense to spend hiring and training time in a high churn field?

I am presenting a better option. Flexible, scalable, and immediate.

Yes, I’m proposing a different, and better option for you.

You can use our agent network to fill in the gaps in coverage. You might say, “well I don’t want to use a staffing agency.” Most of our clients have been with us for years. Everyone of our clients ads our solution to more units.We’re not a staffing agency. This is a permanent solution.

50+ agents, all their availability, at your finger tips with technology.

Agents should be like mercenaries, not employees.

These are highly motivated sales people.

They know they can make money by leasing your units. Most want to sell houses. Some already do. They have a big book of business that automatically gets opened to your units. They do not want a base salary and keep you happy not to get fired. They want to make money and build their business.

Opening up their availability and showing your units to our inbound leads, your current leads, and their own book of business.

This is a permanent solution for the future of your leasing team.

Of course, we also work right alongside your current leasing team.

No need to start cutting team members.

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