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Grow your income by connecting with premium leasing inventory and earn a commission when your client moves in.
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Our mobile app gives you easy access to luxury apartments and homes within your neighborhood.

Share luxury rentals with your network

Skylight provides simple tools to instantly book tours and get up-to-date property details.

Earn commissions when your client moves in

Skylight collects commissions and sends directly to your real estate brokerage for hassle-free experience.

Rent-tech built for residential agents

As a real estate agent, time is your most valuable asset. Skylight's leasing platform is built to make leasing a breeze so you can focus on what matters most - providing a fun, knowledgeable and neighborly client experience.

Keep your license at your brokerage

Leasing with Skylight is designed to be flexible. Set hours when you want to show apartments, and turn off your app when you want to kick your feet up, all while building a pipeline of future home buyers.

Grow your network

Whether you're looking to close more leases or sales, our membership program will get you in front of potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apartments will I be showing?

Skylight's inventory primarily consists of luxury apartments throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Member agents will be assigned to work on leasing units nearby to their home or work location.

Can I keep my license with my current brokerage?

Yes! All of Skylight's member agents keep their license hung with their existing real estate brokerage.

How do I get paid?

Skylight's platform allows real estate owners to pay out commissions directly to your current real estate brokerage. When a deal closes, you will get paid by your broker the same way that you normally do.

Where else is Skylight located?

We are currently operating exclusively in Southern California