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Skylight is transforming how real estate agents work with property management companies, enabling agents to close leases faster while growing their pipeline of future home buyers.
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Unlock a world of leasing opportunities with Skylight – your gateway to opportunities provided directly by property management companies.

We're solving the pain points with apartment leasing.

  • Gain access to thousands of accurate rental listings with real-time pricing and availability powered by property management software integrations
  • Send guest cards directly to properties with a few button clicks for easy attribution
  • Get instant commission updates and marketing notifications directly from property managers
  • Collaborate directly with property management on a single, unified platform that automates and simplifies lease verifications, approvals, and invoicing
  • Get paid faster at your existing brokerage through Skylight's integrated payments platform

Looking to grow your lease volume? Try Skylight Showings.

  • Apply for leasing opportunities with top management companies
  • Receive qualified tours directly from management companies' ILS advertising
  • Provide weekly reporting on traffic and tour feedback

Let's challenge your assumptions about leasing

Leasing apartments has historically meant inaccurate data, fractured communication, time-consuming processes, and slow payment timelines. Skylight's platform ensures data accuracy by integrating directly with the property's management software to ensure accurate pricing and availability, lease attribution, and more.

Maximize your lease production

Skylight enables agents to track the status of every lead, guest card, lease verification, and invoice all through one easy-to-use platform. When you're on the go, download our mobile app to keep up-to-date with latest unit status changes, commission updates and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sign up?

Good news! Agents can join Skylight for free. Skylight takes a transaction fee on each payment that it sends to your brokerage.

Am I able to join Skylight without a real estate license?

Unfortunately, Skylight is only for licensed real estate agents.

How do I get paid?

Skylight sends commissions directly to your real estate brokerage.

Do I receive leads from Skylight?

Agents on the Skylight Platform may be recommended to do showings for certain property management companies through our Skylight Showings program. These leads come from the advertising and marketing efforts of those property managers.

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