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Skylight is the leasing operating system used by top agents to generate consistent income and connect with future homebuyers.

Top property management companies use Skylight to manage brokerage relationships.
Unlocking Multifamily for Agents

There’s a major shift in housing trends occurring

Your next home buyer is currently renting. Millennials, in particular, show a strong preference for renting over homeownership. This generation values flexibility and may choose to rent before committing to a home purchase.

Creating Efficiencies Through Software

Traditional leasing is difficult and time consuming

Skylight uses technology to make it simple to maximize your income through leasing. We take get rid of the busywork while still empowering the agent to sit at the center of the transaction.

"Skylight's platform significantly simplifies how we incorporate agents into our leasing strategy"

Jordan Sachs
Principal at Bold Partners


In total lease value generated for our clients


Residential units on our platform


Residential units on our platform

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