Connecting multifamily and agents

Skylight makes it simpler, faster, and more cost effective for property managers to work with top real estate agents.

Top property management companies use Skylight to manage agent and locator relationships.

There’s a major shift in housing trends occurring

More property managers are turning to licensed real estate agents to bolster multifamily leasing. Tapping into agents' vast networks, marketing skills, and renter insights ensures effective promotion to the ideal audience. As trusted advisors, agents streamline the leasing process, delivering an exceptional experience while optimizing occupancy rates.

Working with agents has historically been difficult and time consuming

Skylight's platform streamlines multifamily marketing professionals' collaboration with real estate agents through real-time inventory sharing, centralized communication, policy management, and commission processing - all in one powerful system.

"Skylight's platform significantly simplifies how we incorporate agents into our leasing strategy"

Jordan Sachs
Principal at Bold Partners


Residential units on our platform by major PMCs


Average reduction in administrative work processing leases


In total lease value generated for our clients


Residential units on our platform

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