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Please see the Agent Terms for the latest information. The cap for standard pricing is $150 for agents who have been assigned to a specific property management company as part of Skylight Select product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sign up?

Good news! You can join Skylight for free. Skylight takes a lease processing fee on each commission that it sends to your brokerage.

What's the difference between Connect and Select

Select and Connect are the two main products offered by Skylight to help real estate agents work with property management companies.

With Select, you get to partner directly with specific property managers. These property managers will then provide you with exclusive leads from their advertising and marketing efforts. It's an agent-centric model where the property managers hand-pick the agents they want to work with and share leads with.

Connect, on the other hand, is an platform for management companies to advertise their vacant units and potential fees to real estate agents. Here, you can search for and connect with available property listings from participating management companies. However, you don't receive direct leads. Think of it like a listing service where you can find and engage with properties yourself.

Do I receive leads from Skylight?

It depends on which Skylight product you're using – Select or Connect. With Select, you may receive leads directly from the property management companies you've been selected to work with. These leads come from the advertising and marketing efforts of those property managers. With Connect, you won't receive leads directly from Skylight. Instead, Connect allows you to search and connect with available listings from participating management companies.

Am I able to join Skylight without a real estate license?

Unfortunately, Skylight is only for licensed real estate agents.

How do I get paid?

Skylight sends leasing commission directly to your real estate brokerage.

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