Centralize your agent relationships

Skylight is a comprehensive platform that enables multifamily operators to work better with real estate agents and locators.
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Top property management companies use Skylight to manage agent and locator relationships.

A better way to lease

Collaborating with agents and locators has traditionally been a costly and time-intensive endeavor for multifamily communities. Our groundbreaking platform streamlines this process, enabling you to effortlessly share inventory details, update commissions, and manage billing and payments seamlessly through a centralized system of record. Maximize efficiency and reduce overhead while fostering seamless partnerships.

Integrate your existing PMS

Staying on top of dynamic pricing and commission structures can be a daunting task for multifamily marketing professionals. Our platform bridges the gap, empowering marketers and operators to seamlessly share real-time data directly from their Property Management System (PMS) with agent partners. This ensures a high level of accuracy and confidence, eliminating the guesswork and frustration associated with outdated or incorrect information.

Skylight integrates with your existing property management software

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Connect cost?

Agent Connect is available to property management companies at no cost or obligation. Ditch one-size-fits-all fees and set unique commissions for each property, giving you control over your budget and attracting the perfect agent for every case. It's free, it's flexible, it's your way.

Does Connect work for my existing agent relationships?

Yes, Skylight makes it easy to invite agents to lease units are your property through Skylight's platform.

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